About Sam Holland

Sam has been teaching metaphysical subjects since 1975. He has given classes, workshops, deep trance spiritual readings, readings with the Seraphim Temier, and lectured throughout the United States and Europe.

He is the Author of Meditation for Transformation, A Guide for Spiritual Growth, Meditations That Lighten the Spirit and Feed the Soul and Sacred Spaces and their Universal Connection. He was also the founder of The Foundation for the Recovery of Ancient Wisdom - a non-profit corporation that researches ancient cultures and brings their wisdom forward in a manner in keeping with today's culture.

Sam is known for his loving and practical approach to metaphysics. His extensive travels and studies bring a unique set of capabilities into practice, particularly in the metaphysical sciences.

He is currently working in a merged mediumship with the Seraphim Temier, providing ‘Healing Gatherings’, ‘Symposiums’, and personal readings with Temier, as well as ‘Spiritual Purpose Astrological Readings’.

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About AnneClaire Venemans

AnneClaire has always had a mystical approach toward nature and life in general.

She has used this perspective in her Mystical Jewelry since 1984. She teaches classes and workshops that work with the universal energies in a very practical way, making each workshop an exploration of Self and your personal spiritual path.

As well as an artist creating Energy Arts, she is a healer and coach.
She co-authored Sacred Spaces and their Universal Connection and developed Symbol Discs, an Ancient Shamanic Way to Gain Insight.

AnneClaire creates unique pieces of Mystical Jewelry that fit your personal energy.

She also creates ‘Personal Empowerment Mandalas’.

Her current activities also include her ‘Coaching and Healing’ practice “Cheiron Wellness”; she provides Tarot Readings, and ‘Symbol Disc Readings’.

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