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Universal Divination

The included computer program provides an alternative method to using the cards. The program allows you to ask questions, save the answers and print the results. All of the 12 spreads of cards described in this book are included in the program. We have found that the system works as well independently of whether you use the cards or the program.
$29.95 + S&H
The Universal Energies of Sacred Spaces
Available in english and in Dutch:
de Universele Energieën van Spirituele Plaatsen

A summary of 28 years of research concerning the connection between Humanity, the Earth and the Universe
The 190 page book comes with 60 full color cards that clearly show the energies that accompany sacred sites.
A book that takes spiritual information about our connection to the universe, into practical use.
English or Dutch
Mystical Jewelry

Everything has an energy. This is also true for stones, for shapes and symbols, even for metals and wood. Each has its own energy. And in making jewelry I combine the specific energies of a stone and the metals ~ I add symbols and I create a shape so that the piece can come together in such a way that it is carrying a beautiful, balancing energy.
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Empowerment Mandalas

If the mandala is made to the energy of a person, the mandala will show the Universe of that person. It will be a geometric figure representing the Reality Self. While the innermost layers show the reality, the core being of that person, the outer layers will show how that person will interact in the physical world.
The process of drawing the mandala is always done in meditation.
The price of an Empowerment Mandala is €150
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Life Path Signets

Your Life Path Signet as given by Temier will show you the animals and energies that help you on your path.
Shaman Bags & Pouches

Anne Claire has made these shaman pouches and shaman bags by hand while in a meditative state, working in partnership with the animal. She custom cuts and hand stitches every one of them and imbues them with a protective energy.
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Workshop Recordings

Workshops given by by Sam and Temier
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$10.00 and up.