The Mystic's Path

The mystical path is a spiritual path, based upon extensive knowledge of the way nature works and the realization that we are part of, and equal to, all things. This means the mystic becomes a partner with nature – instead of being separate from it.

Nature is wise through intuition, humanity is wise through intellect ~ the mystic is able to, through creating a partnership with nature, merge intuition and intellect in such a way that he can support both the Earth and humanity.

It is not long before the journey turns out to be more significant than the goals that are set along the way. For it is along the journey where adventures occur that are beyond the mystic’s experience. In order to handle the adventures, spiritual partnerships are formed that bridge the spiritual and physical worlds.

Even though the mystics physical path is a solitary journey, these partnerships form an integral part of the journey. The purpose of these partnerships is to keep the adventures from turning into stumbling blocks. The partnerships change or expand the mystic’s perspective, for it is old perspectives that hold the mystic back from his goals.

As the mystic’s perspectives change and expand, the mystic becomes more and more aware. Eventually it becomes clear to the mystic that the awareness, resulting from the inner personal transformations, are even more important than the journey. The mystic then realizes that the transformations is the real goal. The transformations always result in greater awareness and it is through awareness that a greater ability to bridge the two worlds forms. Through an ever greater awareness, wisdom is found. That new awareness drives a cycle of yet greater awareness through service.

The Earth and humanity are now going through rapid changes and the mystic helps maintain the balance. In order for us to grow, many preconceived ideas need to be eliminated to allow greater, expanded perspectives and values to emerge. The mystic facilitates that change.

Sam Holland and Anne Claire Venemans have been studying, teaching, and practicing the mystical way of life since 1975. Much of their research has included visiting hundreds of ancient sites throughout the world. This is our web page, and we offer a variety of workshops, classes, readings and journeys to help you walk your own mystical path. Welcome!
The mystic's journey leads to wisdom.